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Center for Student Leadership
where BOLD leaders are developed

Center for Student Leadership

A program of the Jane Nelson Institute for Women’s Leadership

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills? Are you interested in learning how to boldly lead?

The Center for Student Leadership prepares exceptional student leaders through:

  • Educational Programs
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Scholarships
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Serena Fernandez

“The Center for Student Leadership has given me a direct opportunity to lead. Being able to present at conferences, in front of my peers, and in front of other high school students has done a great deal in developing me for the classroom and in the scientific community.”

— Serena Fernandez, Chemistry, San Antonio, Texas


Learning does not just take place inside the classroom, and it is not just measured by the grades you receive. While at TWU, you are encouraged to look beyond the traditional learning environment and open your minds to get involved in experiential learning opportunities so you can apply the concepts you are learning in class to the real world.


Competent, confident, and compassionate leaders are needed in every industry in society and at every level of government and business. Through courses, workshops, and conferences, you will have opportunities to learn different leadership theories, models, styles and competencies.


Engaging in service activities is a requirement for being considered for and maintaining the CSL’s signature scholarships. We believe student leaders should not just develop their intellectual capacity through learning, but it is critical that they also develop their social-emotional capacity to empathize by serving.

Xaria Williams

“I personally take great pride in being a Legacy Leader. The goals of the program align with my reason for being at TWU in the first place. Determined to develop skills already possessed and instill new ones, the program’s administration has worked to provide a safe and challenging environment meant to create well-rounded individuals who achieve greatness in their personal and professional lives.”

— Xaria Williams, General Psychology, DeSoto, Texas

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